PixProcessing is a cutting-edge software application that facilitates your daily work by performing 3D object reconstruction from aerial and handheld imagery.

With PixProcessing,  you can easily plan, build, analyse and manage your object in a 3D mode.

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It’s a perfect tool for modelling from reality:

– Photorealistic, highly detailed 3D models

– Classified dense point clouds

– Fine resolution DEMs (Digital Elevation Models)

– True orthomosaic and DSM / DTM generation

– Elevation contour lines generation

Benefit from our software capabilities:

– precise object measurements and volume calculations

– very fast processing capable of processing thousands of photos

– locally performed processing (ideal for processing the sensitive data)

– simple integration with modern tools and existing GIS (.i3s) and

CAD (.dxf, .las, .pxg) software

– easy to use for professional as well as for the inexperienced users.



-Aerial and close-range triangulation

Orhomosaic seamline editing

Georeferencing using flight log and/or GCPs

-Coded and non-coded targets auto detection

-Coordinate / distance / area / volume measurements

Comparison of the 3D volume measurements

Profile view for the detailed cross-section

Bounding box for selective reconstruction

-Polygonal model reconstruction and texturing

Base plane selection options